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Quotable: Gene Stratton-Porter

Like Upton Sinclair, Gene Stratton-Porter struck a chord with readers that literary critics found dissonant. As quoted in Judith Reick Long’s 1990 biography, Stratton-Porter puzzled over their disdain: A thing utterly baffling to me is why the life history of the sins and shortcomings of a man [as in, person] should constitute a book of […]


Quotable: Arnold Bennett

From How to Live on 24 Hours a Day: You get into the morning train with your newspaper, and you calmly and majestically give yourself up to your newspaper. You do not hurry. You know you have at least half an hour of security in front of you. As your glance lingers idly at the […]

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Quotable: Joseph Conrad

Troubled thoughts from a stormy mind, venting itself in an 1894 letter to distant cousin, fellow writer and confidant Marguerite Poradowska: But you are afraid of yourself; of the inseparable being forever at your side – master and slave, victim and executioner – who suffers and causes suffering. That’s how it is! One must drag […]


Quotable: Upton Sinclair

I aimed at the public’s heart, and by accident I hit in the stomach With this much-quoted phrase, Sinclair summed up his disappointment that The Jungle had not sparked a socialist revolution and had only played a major role in persuading people as to the necessity of the Pure Food and Drug Act, passed only […]


Quotable: Sir Ken Robinson

. . . at TED and calling for a revolution in education: Many of our ideas have been formed not to meet the circumstances of this century but to cope with the circumstances of previous centuries…Our minds are still hypnotized by them and we have to disenthrall ourselves. Watch Robinson’s previous TED talk on how […]

Freud - Five Lectures

Creativity and Neuroses

In 1909, Sigmund Freud made his sole journey to the U.S., having been invited, along with colleague (and then-annointed son and heir) C.G. Jung, to lecture at Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts. According to the book’s editor, Freud biographer Peter Gay, the lectures found an appreciative audience at the time, and they have endured as […]

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Quotable: Sigmund Freud

It seemed to me almost indecent in a country which is devoted to practical aims to make my appearance as a ‘dream-interpreter,’ before you could possibly know the importance that can attach to this antiquated and derided art. The interpretation of dreams is in fact the royal road to a knowledge of the unconscious. Only […]


Quotable: Anton Chekhov

From a letter to Aleksey Suvorin, one of Chekhov’s most significant publishers and benefactors: What aristocratic writers take from nature gratis the less privileged must pay for with their youth. Try to write a story about a young man – the son of a serf, a former grocer, choirboy, schoolboy and university student, raised on […]


Quotable: Meryl Streep

Streep delivered this thoughtful, moving commencement address at Barnard in 2010, and she spoke with Fresh Air‘s Terry Gross this week. Here’s an excerpt from Monday’s interview in which Streep discusses her experience filming The Iron Lady and the need for minimal yet transformative makeup: It’s not about the audience. It’s all about fooling the […]