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It’s a Mad, Mad World

If you haven’t watched Sunday’s premiere, well, go do it already…and then come back and read: Rob Sheffield’s pitch-perfect commentary in Rolling Stone, sampled here: Many fans were horrified to see Don act like a starry-eyed sucker [last season], instead of the cool customer we need him to be. It turns out this guy believes […]

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More Freud

Can’t get enough of Dr. Freud’s online incarnation? Browse on: Doctoral student Benjamin Y. Fong, in a contribution this month to the NYT’s Opinionator blog, makes a case for the enduring relevance of “radical talking”: What Freud proposed, and what remains revolutionary in his thought today, is that human beings have the capacity for real […]


Friday Fun: How About Them Apples?

“Absolutely this year“?! Not good enough, Epic Records CEO. Not epic at all. Totally inadequate in fact. Free Fiona’s fourth studio album now please! For those of us not lucky enough to see the little Apple in concert this month and presumably playing new music, there is plenty of old music to go around, some […]


Why Bother With the Past?

I’ve just reread the darkly splendid Sacred Hunger so as to fully enjoy its recently published sequel The Quality of Mercy. Over the years, I’ve read five of Barry Unsworth’s historical novels, each of which cleave mind and sense so seamlessly that it’s possible to forget that they are ever at odds. In this lecture […]


Friday Fun: The Beauties

Over at The Guardian, Philip Pullman, author of the splendid trilogy His Dark Materials reads his favorite Chekhov short story, The Beauties (online text). A taste: . . . but then I gradually forgot myself and surrendered entirely to the sensation of beauty. I no longer remembered the dreary step in the dust, no longer […]


Quotable: Meryl Streep

Streep delivered this thoughtful, moving commencement address at Barnard in 2010, and she spoke with Fresh Air‘s Terry Gross this week. Here’s an excerpt from Monday’s interview in which Streep discusses her experience filming The Iron Lady and the need for minimal yet transformative makeup: It’s not about the audience. It’s all about fooling the […]


Smile, Sweetheart

Another delightfully eccentric podcast from Radio Lab recounts how an unexpectedly appealing 19th century death mask became a wildly popular artists’ collectible and then, in 1958, the face of the contemporary CPR dummy: This is a story about a woman. (Good.) You’ve probably seen her. (Really?) You’ve seen her face. You may have even- (Dated […]


Researching, Writing and Meditating

Award-winning crime writer and journalist Matt Beynon Rees has several good podcasts on researching, writing and editing a book, as well as meditating for writers. Rees has lived in Jerusalem for more than a decade and is the author of the first Palestinian detective series, starting with The Collaborator of Bethlehem. I love how the […]