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It’s a Mad, Mad World

If you haven’t watched Sunday’s premiere, well, go do it already…and then come back and read: Rob Sheffield’s pitch-perfect commentary in Rolling Stone, sampled here: Many fans were horrified to see Don act like a starry-eyed sucker [last season], instead of the cool customer we need him to be. It turns out this guy believes […]

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More Freud

Can’t get enough of Dr. Freud’s online incarnation? Browse on: Doctoral student Benjamin Y. Fong, in a contribution this month to the NYT’s Opinionator blog, makes a case for the enduring relevance of “radical talking”: What Freud proposed, and what remains revolutionary in his thought today, is that human beings have the capacity for real […]


Define: Great, Bibliomania and Shuhada

That’s David Orr introducing the lists contained within The Top Ten: Writers Pick Their Favorite Books. Probably a book I’m more likely to page through in a bookstore than buy, but I enjoyed the taste test from Brainpickings and it’s not like I lack for reasons to ponder the meaning of great when it comes […]


100th Post: High Times

In this 100th blog post, I’m pleased to find a timely reference to my own past. Acrobatics runs in my family and I did gymnastics as a child, though never quite like the above. The New York Times marks the passing of the last World War I veteran, a 110-year-old woman who served on the […]


Friday Fun: Feeling Bookish?

When am I not? In the newly released Unpacking My Library: Writers and Their Books, contemporary authors including Philip Pullman, Claire Messud, Lev Grossman and Alison Bechdel talk shelving and the future of books. Speaking of shelves, Brainpicker’s selections from December 2009 are worth a second look. Books now provide the “dressing” and the inspiration […]


The End of the Beginning

There’s no end in sight for what Arabs have embarked on this year but that doesn’t make it any less thrilling, and the Carnegie Middle East Center‘s annual greeting card nicely captures the energy and spirit of 2011 and the great hopes for 2012. I recently interviewed the Libyan professor, columnist and speaker Mansour El-Kikhia […]

Top Goon

So Little Time, So Many Links

First up, the revolution will be televised: Click on the image above (or here for the Arabic) to see a trailer of Top Goon, puppet political satire from Syria. The Guardian dubs 2011 the year of the translator and The National considers the “steep upwards trend” in Arabic literature in translation. If you ever wondered […]

1987 Book Jacket

Hello, Seven Billion!

An “interactive crowd-sourced literary” map and multimedia profiles of 150 Great Books from Book Drum and more on the crowd-funded UK publishing platform Unbound from this Little Atoms podcast Craig Fehrman in the New York Times on the failure of the American Book Awards to seize the, um, popular literary imagination Up to half a […]


Links 2 – 4 October

Enjoy technology, Bill Kellar writes, but don’t write off the universities. This week’s podcast from The Arabist on de-Qadhafization The Lit Saloon on a French theatrical adaptation of Alaa al-Aswany’s Chicago Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner’s identifies with Peggy Olson – no, actually Holden Caulfield. Huh? How to Architect demonstrates how to write like an […]