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The Century of the Self

Ever wonder about the origin of public relations? A friend recommended this provocative 2002 documentary by modern muckraker and BBC blogger Adam Curtis. Available in full on YouTube, the four-part film traces the rise of this alternate Freudian “climate of opinion.” Watch Part One above.

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More Freud

Can’t get enough of Dr. Freud’s online incarnation? Browse on: Doctoral student Benjamin Y. Fong, in a contribution this month to the NYT’s Opinionator blog, makes a case for the enduring relevance of “radical talking”: What Freud proposed, and what remains revolutionary in his thought today, is that human beings have the capacity for real […]


Sometimes a Cigar is Just a Cigar…

Did he really say it? Probably not. But it sure does come in handy! Slide Sources: Slide 1: HBO show In Treatment, season two, episode 11, Mia Slide 2: The New York Times, “Let’s See What’s Inside That Pretty Head,” November 23, 2011 Slide 3: More Intelligent Life, “The Designer Who Makes Buildings,” profile of […]


In Treatment

No matter the titillation factor, Sigmund Freud’s Dora demands a lot from readers. The HBO television show In Treatment may just be the perfect companion, a full-fleshed prompt to read between the lines of the much earlier work. Psychotherapist Paul Weston (Gabriel Byrne), the show’s protagonist and reigning shrink, is certainly better looking than “Sigi” […]


1970: Id, Ego, & Superego

The above video presents just one take on the subject. Here’s another excerpted from a 2010 illustrated edition of The Interpretation of Dreams: To Freud, the id, one’s amoral primal instincts, governs a desire for pleasure, for instant gratification, and the fear of pain; the ego, on the other hand, rational will, accepts that enduring […]


Freud in Context

In David Cronenberg’s 2011 film about the brief, intense, profoundly important friendship between Sigmund Freud and C.G. Jung, it is Jung who takes center stage. Twenty years younger than Freud, Jung had a far sexier role to play in this particular story – he was, in turn, psychiatrist, supervisor, lover and colleague to Sabina Spielrein, […]

Algonquin Round Table

The Passionate Freudian to His Love

From Dorothy Parker’s poem, originally published in Life magazine on 28 April 1921: Only name the day, and we’ll fly away In the face of old traditions, To a sheltered spot, by the world forgot, Where we’ll park our inhibitions. Come and gaze in eyes where the lovelight lies As it psychoanalyzes, And when once […]