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Masks of the Great War

Post-War? Post-Racial?

The 2011 British remake of Wuthering Heights sets itself apart with casting that may be more faithful than creative, writes Steve Rose in the Guardian Meanwhile, across the channel, the Museum of the Great War opens in Meaux, France, and focuses “less on the battles than on evoking the atmosphere of the war and its […]


Kipling’s Burden

In the years leading up to 1914, Rudyard Kipling may have spoken out and waved the flag for what he believed to be a necessary and inevitable war (“What stands if freedom fall? / Who dies if England live?”), but he paid dearly for his own integrity. His own 18-year-old son, John, went off to […]


Art is Messy

The New Yorker has a wonderful profile (abstract) of Pixar writer and director Andrew Stanton who’s making the leap from animation to live action with John Carter due out in spring of 2012. He makes some clip-worthy comments on writing and art. Stanton on the triumph of the old studio system at Pixar: [S]ome of […]


Faces to the Music

Like most of my generation, I’ve grown up listening to the Beatles but not spent much time looking at them, perhaps because their images are about as omnipresent, and therefore as invisible, as wallpaper. Martin Scorsese’s collage-like documentary undertakes an unstructured if roughly chronological walkabout through the life and music of the “quiet Beatle” George […]


Quotable: Bill Cunningham

I don’t think I’ve ever come across a person more incandescently delighted with his own life than fashion photographer Bill Cunningham, the charmingly eccentric figure profiled in Richard Press’s 2010 documentary. Cunningham has worked for The New York Times since the late ’70s – and he appears to have ushered in a new era for […]