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Friday Fun: Famed Couch

From Freud’s Couch, Scott’s Buttocks, Bronte’s Grave (University of Chicago, 2011): The couch is covered with the most luxurious looking Persian rugs, textiles woven by the women of a nomadic Qashqai tribe of southern Iran, with deep, warm reds and ochers, intricately patterned and exquisitely textured. My wife, the psychoanalyst’s daughter, captured the seduction of […]

Freud - Five Lectures

Creativity and Neuroses

In 1909, Sigmund Freud made his sole journey to the U.S., having been invited, along with colleague (and then-annointed son and heir) C.G. Jung, to lecture at Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts. According to the book’s editor, Freud biographer Peter Gay, the lectures found an appreciative audience at the time, and they have endured as […]


Life in Brief: Sigmund Freud

6 May 1856: Sigismund Shlomo Freud born in Freiberg (now P?íbor) to Jewish Galician parents 1860:                … The family moves to Vienna following anti-semitic riots in Freiberg 1880:                … begins a life-long relationship with tobacco, soon taking up cigars 1881:                … graduates from the University of Vienna after 8 years of rapturous laboratory study 1884:                … tests the potential […]

Book Cover

Quotable: Sigmund Freud

It seemed to me almost indecent in a country which is devoted to practical aims to make my appearance as a ‘dream-interpreter,’ before you could possibly know the importance that can attach to this antiquated and derided art. The interpretation of dreams is in fact the royal road to a knowledge of the unconscious. Only […]


1905: Dora

Sigmund Freud’s sixteen-year-old “Dora” had all the makings of a reality TV star. Editor Philip Rieff might well have been composing a pitch letter when he wrote in the 1962 introduction to Dora, An Analysis of a Case of Hysteria that the “sick daughter has a sick father, who has a sick mistress, who has […]