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Friday Fun: Chekhov on Biography

Around 1892, journal editor V.A. Tikhonov wrote to request some biographical information from Anton Chekhov, and the author’s reply appears in Janet Malcolm’s 2001 book, Reading Chekhov: A Critical Journey: Do you need my biography? Here it is. In 1860 I was born in Taganrog. In 1879 I finished my studies in the Taganrog school. […]


1962/1981: The Cherry Orchard

A clip from the BBC staged 1962 production of The Cherry Orchard with Peggy Ashcroft as Liubóv Ranyévskaya, Judi Dench as Anya, Dorothy Tutin as Varya and John Gielgud as Gáyev. Another clip from the BBC’s 1981 production with Judi Dench now playing Liubóv Ranyévskaya, Frederick Treves as Gáyev, Suzanne Burden as Anya and Paul […]


1904: The Cherry Orchard

Is there any production of The Cherry Orchard that has managed to satisfactorily resolve, in the author’s favor, the initial disagreement between Moscow Art Theatre director Constantin Stanislavski and Anton Chekhov? Stanislavski, on seeing the completed play script sometime in 1903, called the play a tragedy. Chekhov insisted that it was a comedy, even a […]