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1905: Le lion ayant faim . . .

Self-taught French painter Henri Rousseau on the primary inspiration for his jungle paintings, the greenhouses at Paris’s Jardin des Plantes: When I go into the glass houses and I see the strange plants of exotic lands, it seems to me that I enter into a dream.

Rosenberg-Darwin Martin House

Family History: The Lives of Buildings

I learned just last week, while traveling in D.C., that my friend and mentor Jeff Rosenberg grew up in Buffalo, New York, and that his own family history intersected with that of Frank Lloyd Wright’s local architectural wonders, including the Larkin Administration Building. He’s kindly allowed me to write up some of his reflections and […]

Larkin Administration Building Graphic

1904: Larkin Administration Building

Throughout his long life of design, American architect Frank Lloyd Wright deployed his considerable personal charm to great effect. A friendship with a Larkin Mail Order Company executive, Darwin D. Martin, led to Lloyd Wright’s designing his first major public work, the company’s administration building, as well as homes for Martin and two other executives […]


Must See: Pina

German choreographer Pina Bausch died just a couple of days before this film was to begin shooting. Wim Wenders, best known for the 1987 feature Wings of Desire, has nonetheless created an utterly mesmerizing 3D tribute to a genius of the body. Watch the trailer above or here.


1903: Dogs Playing Poker

In 1903, the Minnesota advertising firm of Brown & Bigalow tasked Cassius Marcellus Coolidge with producing a series of oil paintings depicting dogs engaging in human activities; nine of the 16 paintings ultimately created by the now rarely recalled “Michelangelo of the dog world” feature man’s best friend playing poker. More than 100 years later, […]

Paper tree

Tree Paper Scissors

This exquisite paper ‘poetree’ appeared in March as an anonymous gift to the Scottish Poetry Library, followed in June by a gramophone and coffin carved from the pages of an Ian Rankin novel. More statues followed, including this gloves of bee’s fur, cap of wren’s wing and a Tyrannosaurus Rex emerging from the pages of […]