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Paper tree

Tree Paper Scissors

This exquisite paper ‘poetree’ appeared in March as an anonymous gift to the Scottish Poetry Library, followed in June by a gramophone and coffin carved from the pages of an Ian Rankin novel. More statues followed, including this gloves of bee’s fur, cap of wren’s wing and a Tyrannosaurus Rex emerging from the pages of […]

The Arcadian Library (book cover)

More Pleasures of Imperialism

The Arcadian Library is an anthology, but the world it evokes sounds like so much more: a hidden library containing “one of the finest dedicated collections of books ever made about Western entanglement with the Middle East.” From The Times Literary Supplement: The earliest items are medieval manuscripts, but there are also many incunables, translations […]

1987 Book Jacket

Hello, Seven Billion!

An “interactive crowd-sourced literary” map and multimedia profiles of 150 Great Books from Book Drum and more on the crowd-funded UK publishing platform Unbound from this Little Atoms podcast Craig Fehrman in the New York Times on the failure of the American Book Awards to seize the, um, popular literary imagination Up to half a […]


The Art of Editing No. 1

A 1994 interview with Robert Gottlieb, former editor in chief of Knopf; Simon & Schuster; and The New Yorker, is so much more thanks to the creativity (and connections) of Larissa MacFarquhar – a window into the golden age of publishing, a side-to-side view of the writing and reading experience, and a portrait of the […]