Life in Brief: Gene Stratton-Porter

17 August 1863: Geneva Grace Stratton born in Wabash County, Indiana

1872:                    Her beloved older brother Leander (Laddie) drowns

1875:                    Forced to move to Wabash with family and nine pet birds, shortly before mother dies

1880s:                  …drops out of high school before graduation, dissatisfied with traditional education

1886:                    …marries Charles D. Porter, a successful pharmacist/businessman 13 years her senior

1887:                    …gives birth to daughter and only child Jeannette

1889:                   …moves to Geneva to be closer to her husband’s stores (and nature)

1893:                   …attends Chicago World’s Fair, inspired by Forestry Building

1893:                  …wins American Humane Society prize for Strike at Shane’s, publishes anonymously

1894:                   …thanks to oil windfall, builds 14-room home near the Limberlost Swamp

1900:                  …begins writing and photographing for recreation and outdoor magazines

1903:                  …publishes first experiment in fiction (under her own name), The Song of the Cardinal

1904:                  …publishes second novel, Freckles, the title character of which befriends Elnora

1909:                   …made famous by the publication of A Girl of the Limberlost

1912:                   …upset by the draining of Limberlost Swamp, moves with her family to Sylvan Lake

1913:                    …writes Laddie after losing another brother and finding her childhood home burned

1919:                     …over ten days, relocates 1200+ flowers, saving them from swamp dredging

1920:                      …establishes film production company after moving to California for health reasons

1924:                      …sees first of four film adaptations of A Girl of the Limberlost

6 December 1924 : …dies when a streetcar strikes her car, two days after she first visits Muir Woods


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