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Friday Fun: The Fool

In his 2006 biography of Upton Sinclair, Anthony Arthur characterizes the author, muckraker and one-time candidate for governor of California as a “radical innocent” and the “most conservative of revolutionaries.” Sinclair himself modeled protagonists like The Jungle‘s Jurgis after Voltaire’s title character in Candide, Christian in The Pilgrim’s Progress and the Indian prince Siddhartha who, […]


Quotable: Upton Sinclair

I aimed at the public’s heart, and by accident I hit in the stomach With this much-quoted phrase, Sinclair summed up his disappointment that The Jungle had not sparked a socialist revolution and had only played a major role in persuading people as to the necessity of the Pure Food and Drug Act, passed only […]


1906: The Jungle

To the working men of America. Upton Sinclair originally conceived what would become his classic exposé of the American meat packing industry as a book about “wage slavery.” In The Jungle‘s Lithuanian protagonist, Jurgis Rudkus, he recognized both an immigrant everyman and the raw material from which a new America would be born, a country […]