Life in Brief: Upton Sinclair

20 Sept. 1878: Upton Beall Sinclair Jr. born in Baltimore, Maryland to a troubled family

1892:                  … earns $25 when a magazine accepts his first short story for publication

1893:                  … enrolls at the City College at just fourteen years of age

1900:                  … completes his first novel in log cabin near Lake Massawippi, marries Meta Fuller

1901:                  … welcomes publication and (with some trepidation) the birth of his only child, David

1902:                  … makes the acquaintance of soon-to-be literary patron, socialist George Herron

1904:                  … spends seven weeks in the Chicago stockyards researching a book on “wage slavery”

1906:                  … enjoys international success and celebrity with the book publication of The Jungle

1906:                  … indirectly dubbed a “muckraker” by President Theodore Roosevelt

1906:                  … leaks documents to speed the passage of the Pure Food and Drug Act

1907::                  … forced to abandon experimental “home colony,” Helicon Hall, when it burns down

1911:                  … sues his wife for divorce after she leaves him for a poet friend

1913:                  … marries Southern aristocrat and writer Mary Craig Kimbrough

1915:                  … heads west to California where he will live for much of the rest of his life

1917:                  … resigns from the American Socialist Party in support of the U.S. war effort

1923:                  … is arrested for reading the U.S. constitution aloud

1927-1928:        …publishes Oil! and Boston

1934:                  … makes a famously unsuccessful bid to be governor of California and end poverty

1940-1953:        … writes eleven Lanny Budd novels about an American citizen of the world

1968:                  … passes away in New Jersey just 20 days after President Richard M. Nixon’s election


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