It’s a Mad, Mad World

If you haven’t watched Sunday’s premiere, well, go do it already…and then come back and read:

Rob Sheffield’s pitch-perfect commentary in Rolling Stone, sampled here:

Many fans were horrified to see Don act like a starry-eyed sucker [last season], instead of the cool customer we need him to be. It turns out this guy believes in Hollywood happy endings. He’s not satisfied to sell the American dream – he wants to believe. And if even Don Draper falls for his own promises, what hope is there for the rest of us?

Nelle Engoren’s predictions as to what will make Mad Men history over at Salon:

While provoking countless fights between parents and children, shorter skirts and longer hair (on both genders) were only the most visible signs of the (not just sexual) revolution. It’ll be amusing to see if Don finally washes the Brylcreem out of his hair and whether Pete appears in a Nehru jacket, but the real question is who will adopt the new fashions of the mind.

Vanessa Quirk’s meditation on the Mies in Mad Men:

The show draws in audiences with a meticulous, sumptuous set design that allows a nostalgic journey back in time: when design was innovative & clean, architecture was confident (cocky even), and modernism still held its promise.

And Terry Gross’s interrogation of Matthew Weiner the man (behind the man) of the moment on NPR’s Fresh Air.

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