1905: Russian Revolution

…there will be no revolution in Russia.

                                                            -Anton Chekhov in conversation with novelist Ivan Bunin, as quoted                                                              in V.S. Pritchett’s Chekhov: A Spirit Set Free

The year that witnessed Russia’s unexpected defeat in the Russo-Japanese War and transformed Russia from an autocracy to a limited constitutional monarchy, under Tsar Nicholas II, opened with a failed march on Saint Petersburg and ended with a failed uprising in Moscow.

In between, strikes broke out among hundreds of thousands of workers in Russia and non-Russian imperial territories, including Poland, Finland and the Baltic Coast. Reactionary forces including the Black Hundreds rose up within Russia against revolution (and Jews).

Film: Clip showing Saint Petersburg’s Bloody Sunday from Nicholas and Alexandra (1971)
Score: Dmitri Shostakovich’s Symphony No. 11 (1957), also known as The Year 1905


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