Must Read: ICG on the LRA

Those of us wanting to learn more about the enduring threat the Lord’s Resistance Army poses to Central Africa can turn to International Crisis Group, a conflict-prevention non-profit with a history of proposing complex solutions to complex problems.

Last November, ICG weighed the likelihood of an “end game” in the fight against the Lord’s Resistance Army:

The Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) remains a deadly threat to civilians in three Central African states. After a ceasefire and negotiations for peaceful settlement of the generation-long insurgency broke down in 2008, Uganda’s army botched an initial assault. In three years since, half-hearted operations have failed to stop the small, brutally effective band from killing more than 2,400 civilians, abducting more than 3,400 and causing 440,000 to flee.

In 2010 President Museveni withdrew about half the troops to pursue more politically rewarding goals. Congolese mistrust hampers current operations, and an African Union (AU) initiative has been slow to start. While there is at last a chance to defeat the LRA, both robust military action and vigorous diplomacy is required. Uganda needs to take advantage of new, perhaps brief, U.S. engagement by reinvigorating the military offensive; Washington needs to press regional leaders for cooperation; above all, the AU must act promptly to live up to its responsibilities as guarantor of continental security. When it does, Uganda and the U.S. should fold their efforts into the AU initiative. . .

Read the rest of the executive summary and recommendations for action here
Download the whole report as a PDF here
Access an earlier, related report A Regional Strategy Beyond Killing Kony here

Duly noted: While ICG localizes the LRA threat to the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the Central African Republic and South Sudan, they filed the report under both Uganda and the DRC.

Hat tip: I learned about this report, while reading an article originally published last December in Uganda’s The Independent


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