Life in Brief: Sigmund Freud

6 May 1856: Sigismund Shlomo Freud born in Freiberg (now P?íbor) to Jewish Galician parents

1860:                … The family moves to Vienna following anti-semitic riots in Freiberg

1880:                … begins a life-long relationship with tobacco, soon taking up cigars

1881:                … graduates from the University of Vienna after 8 years of rapturous laboratory study

1884:                … tests the potential of cocaine to help with morphine withdrawal

1885:                … briefly trains in Paris with Jean-Martin Charcot, using hypnosis to treat hysteria

1886:                … resigns post at Vienna General Hospital, marries, goes into private practice

1895:                … the last of the couple’s six children, Anna, is born

1896:                … abandons hypnosis and begins using the term “psycho-analysis

1899:                … publishes The Interpretation of Dreams, the first of many major works

1902:                … forms the Wednesday Psychological Society, an influential discussion group

1905:                … publishes Three Essays on a Theory of Sexuality

1905:                … allows publication of Dora, An Analysis of a Case of Hysteria

1906:                … begins famed correspondence with C.G. Jung

1909:                … lectures at Clark University, receives honorary doctorate, media attention

1912:                … friendship with Jung crumbles, leading to a permanent break

1923:                … has cancerous growth removed from his mouth

1933:                … books burned by the Nazis

1938:                … agrees to flee Vienna and goes to London

1939:                … in great pain from cancer of the jaw, requests a lethal dose of morphine


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