100th Post: High Times

In this 100th blog post, I’m pleased to find a timely reference to my own past. Acrobatics runs in my family and I did gymnastics as a child, though never quite like the above.

The New York Times marks the passing of the last World War I veteran, a 110-year-old woman who served on the home front.

The Guardian takes a closer look at high suspense, that is, Hollywood’s love affair with the skyscraper, and asks whatever happened to the American blockbuster?

If I were passing through London between now and April 15th, I’d definitely go check out the British Museum’s exhibition on the Hajj. The Guardian finds it brilliant. The Telegraph less so.

The New York Times Magazine, meanwhile, gives credit where credit is due to the omnipresent highlighter.

And if you’re wondering just what the world was up to in the year before the debut of the highlighter – come on, I know you are – then click through to More Intelligent Life and read all about 1962.


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