Wikipedia Blackout

I’ve opted to blog today, but I support Wikipedia’s black out. Read up on what it’s all about at The Washington Post.

I often link to Wikipedia here on the blog, not because it’s perfect, nothing is, but because:

(1) it’s free and widely accessible;
(2) it’s easy on the eyes and intuitive to navigate;
(3) it survives and thrives on acts of good faith collaboration;
(4) it draws on both the common sense of the masses and the expertise of elites;
(5) it’s been shown to be comparable in accuracy to standard encyclopedias with which Wikipedia is typically, otherwise unfavorably, compared and, perhaps most importantly . . .
(7) it never pretends to hold the final word on any subject.

As for the value of good, old-fashioned books? Well, at this point, it should be pretty clear where I stand on that.


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