Think Again: Used Books

My book, Creative Lives: Portraits of Lebanese Artists passed its second birthday this past December and celebrated…by remaining in print. In defiance of the laws of economics, this publishing marvel apparently increases in value on entering the used book market.

What other explanation can there be for these prices? For a new copy of the book, dear reader, you can choose from two variations on an average price for a (high-quality!) coffee table book, either $83.28 or $90.16, with an added $3.99 for shipping.

Or if you’re feeling extravagant you can shell out $967.77 (ditto on the shipping) for the exact same item. But what if that paycheck is just burning through your pocket some Monday? And what if a “like new” book or even a “used-very good” copy of Creative Lives is really what tickles your fancy? You’re in luck, Amazon shopper. There is a vender that will be happy to lift $1,839.88 from your pocket. And no, shipping is not included.

*Note: Since I wrote this blog post, the high price has gone up to $2,034.31. Make that $2,117.67, one day later.


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